INSPO on Jeans and Restlessness - for Spykar and Dentsu

What does restlessness mean?

The question posed by Dentsu caught the leadership of Spykar - its client and India’s pioneering denim brand - by surprise, whose tagline was Young & Restless.

And so they turned to INSPO - our search engine for inspiration - to help define Restlessness and Jeans in a context that would set up the brand for its next phase of communications and growth. They explored associations around different keywords, with INSPO analysing 17,815 collaborative poems written in the HaikuJAM social writing game.

Here are 5 themes that INSPO surfaced which inspired Spykar to pause, look in the mirror and think differently about itself.


Durable jeans last years and accompany us through many life events. As they age, they collect memories and become portals into the past, letting us relive precious moments in time like a first date or family holiday. Physical effects such as wearing and fading only increase the sentimental value of the jeans, for they symbolise the wearer's journey.

So perhaps the visionary Jay Gatsby was somewhere right in his belief that the past could be repeated. Or at least, relived. All you'd need is a good old pair of jeans.


Ripped Jeans are a metaphor for our flaws and scars; and how we should own them. Not all memories are happy and sometimes it's important to remember the tough times and how we fought through them.

INSPO's Natural Language Processing technology detected that 42% of the poems around Ripped Jeans expressed sadness, especially vulnerability. But perhaps this is where emotion algorithms fall short and deeper creative context is required, for why does being vulnerable need to be associated with being sad? Vulnerability is possibly one of greatest expressions of openness and confidence; to let society see our rips and tears and glimpse the all powerful being underneath.

As one of the poems shared, "a flaw can be a strength" if the right story is told around it.

I want to die with my blue jeans on.

Andy Warhol couldn’t have said it better. There are few things more comfortable in life than a good-fitting pair of jeans. Now the physical comfort that jeans provide a wearer is a well-established idea and dates back to the genesis of the product in 1873 when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss designed trousers for miners, from blue-coloured denim which were rugged and comfortable to wear.

What’s less discussed is the psychological comfort that jeans may be evoking in others. Could people be wearing jeans to signal that they are relaxed, informal and feeling comfortable? If so, might these signals  be creating subconscious permission for others to also feel at ease? Is a pair of jeans triggering a social comfort loop?



Perhaps you've fallen in love and are restless for your crush to notice you. Or you have a restless mind the night before an exam. Or you're a young go-getter who is restless to chase your dreams.

It seems that restlessness is a fundamental part of life. But of course, it comes in different flavours depending on context. The restlessness experienced by the feverish young go-getters is a fuel that keeps them moving forwards; it's aspirational in nature and an important part of the heroes' journey. But for those undergoing tough times, it can feel like an endless treadmill of anxiety.

This co-existence of positive and negative forms of restlessness is elegantly reflected in INSPO's sentiment analysis across 14,337 relevant poems, 51% of which express positive emotions (namely anticipation) and 49% expressing negative ones (namely sadness).


According to many spiritual texts, there’s no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' in this world. There are only 'events' to which our minds apply dualistic labels like good and bad. And enlightenment happens when one transcends such dualities…

The same philosophy could be applied to Spykar’s inquiry into restlessness. Rather than doubling down on a specific association, could Spykar transcend them all and embrace the full spectrum of possibilities?

Interestingly, such an approach would complement the everyday nature of wearing jeans: come rain or shine, your pair of jeans is a companion through it all. Jeans are not exclusive to good days or bad days: they are there for you everyday. And so Spykar would go from being a company that produced jeans to a companion in life who walks with you through it all...

The final idea

After synthesising the inspiration from INSPO, Spykar put a positioning stake in the ground: it was a youth denim brand that was powered by restlessness - the kind that drove people towards their dreams and into the future. The brand acknowledged that in certain contexts restlessness was a feeling to be avoided and that there was potential to transcend all associations, but ultimately it was looking to build a tribe of young denim lovers who thrived on restlessness. It wanted to appeal exclusively to those for whom restlessness wasn't unsettling, scary or something to be avoided. Rather, it was a fuel that kindled the fire of ambition.

Due to confidentiality, we aren't able to share the specifics of Spykar's new positioning statement. All we can say is that the 28-year-old brand has never been as Young & Restless as it is today and we look forward to their new products and campaigns born from this reinvention.

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Dhrupad Karwa

Dhrupad Karwa